Monday, September 17, 2012

Easy Decorating Project for my Kitchen

Since we moved in well over a year ago, I've been planning a project for my kitchen. I wanted to frame my family's recipes. They're not 'secret' recipes, just special recipes. I bought the frames and then they just sat in a bag for the next year....partially because my grandma's recipe box was tucked away in storage. Well, I finally got fired up one night and dug deep enough to get to the recipes and sorted out about 10 that I wanted... I narrowed them down and photocopied the ones that I wanted. The photocopies turned out perfect!

I hung 4 of them above the doorway from Kitchen to Living Room and the other one above our light switches by the door.

The stains and worn marks even copied on all of them. I love that!

This is my grandma's favorite recipe. It's a bread recipe
and she even wrote "This is my Favorite Bread Recipe" on the card!
She says she was asked for the recipe each time that she made it.
I love that I have such special decorations in my kitchen. I'm looking for something to go in between or above the frames to finish it off. It just looks 'incomplete.'

To hang them, I did the "pinterest" trick of tracing the frames on paper to find the desired spacing and position. It worked well! Because the frames all so close to the door, I was afraid of them falling crooked, or just falling off completely, so after I hung and leveled them, we put heavy grade sticky tack on the top corners of each one.

Total price of the project: $15 for the 5 frames (already owned the sticky tack, scrapbook paper and nails)

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