Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lovin' Sunday

Hey Ya'll.. It's time for another Lovin' Sunday.... I know. Other people do "What I'm lovin' Wednesday" but Wednesday are my pinterest days... and Sunday to me is a time to reflect on what I appreciate and love...

This week... I am loving:

1) The weather! How beautiful has it been this week?!?! The cooler temps, the breezes, the slight rain... Just wonderful!!  I'm so ready for fall to officially be here..... The festivals, the craft shows..... You're starting to think I'm the crazy lady, aren't you?!?!

2) This new site that I read like every post of and tried some of her tips and tricks: MaskCara. She's all over Pinterest! Be sure to check out her eyeshadow primer recipe, smokey eye tut and her mineral veil recipe. Tried them them.

3) Stores are putting out some Christmas stuff...Yes, Christmas, and YES... I'm loving it!

4) The big party I'm hosting is in less than two weeks. I've done so much thinking, planning, DIYing and so on that I'm just ready to see it all come together!

5) My dark fall/winter duvet cover that I just put on....tans, browns, reds and browns.... loving it!

What were you loving this week???

Until Next Time...

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