Thursday, October 31, 2013

Excuse the Mess....

I'm sure you've all seen these signs for the home about excusing the mess because the children are making memories or because we actually live in our home.... Well, I would definitely need the latter of the two.... but wouldn't it be a great idea if you could put one on your front door (or maybe even in the front yard! haha) that says:


I'm not the graphic designer in the family... my sister is, so please don't look too closely at my design. I didn't measure anything ;)
I've really been thinking about this more and more as the trick-or-treat time got closer and closer and my not-at-all-completed-but-too-far-into-it-to-quit board and batten wall in my front room still stands as a jumbled mess, right where trick or treaters will look when we open the just stares me down every day, taunting and whispering, "you've not finished me... and I'm the first thing people see at your house...." I just want to print one of my new creations up there and hang on the wall like caution tape, warning of the mess and excusing my tardiness in completion...
 Restaurants and stores can do it when they are remodeling, why can't I???  
I think your Pinterest membership should come with some stickers or wall hangings (as if we PAY for membership! ha) that can be placed throughout your property and belongings because chances are..... you ARE going to (at some point) say or think... "Well, I saw on Pinterest where someone took a (insert any item) and made a (insert the name of something that you are just going to have to try to make)." And then you're going to pick up said items and attempt said project.... and chances are, it's not going to go well and you're going to ditch the project halfway through, unsure of how to fix it.... 
OR.... you're going to buy lumber to make/hang/fix/create/enhance said project and it's going to sit against a wall in your living room for weeks while you try to decide whether to continue with the project....
I am not speaking from experience at all ;) haha
So... don't be surprised if you see this sign at my house sometime! I really wish this was socially acceptable as an excuse for the disaster that I call home :) I still have four rooms that have unfinished projects!

Until Next Time...

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