Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Think Pink...

October usually means oranges, golds, brown, reds and yellows.....but it also means PINK!

As a niece and friend of several breast cancer survivors, I encourage you to not only do a self-exam monthly, but help spread the word of breast cancer and its awareness. One of my favorite ways is to wear a breast cancer T-shirt, scarf, or necklace. I often get asked if I have known someone with breast cancer and I explain my connection and usually, a discussion starts.

I think it's SO important for young women to realize that breast cancer isn't just something that our moms, aunts and grandmas get.... Both friends were diagnosed around the age of 30! It's important for us to attend our yearly exams and to get mammograms if we have a family history!

Think Pink!
Until Next Time...

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