Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When did Black Friday become Black Thursday??

As the Black Friday ads start popping up here and there, I cannot help but be angry at some of these companies... Kohl's, Macy's and JCPenney are three leading companies that are now opening on Thanksgiving Day.... I just think that's awful. 

Thanksgiving is to be a day for reflecting on what we are thankful for... not for elbowing others in the face to save some money on a TV or laptop.... on top of that--- those poor workers that are being taken away from their families on Thanksgiving to help those crazies... I just think this bologna has gotten out of hand. I would respect these large companies tremendously if they stepped in and admitted that were being greedy and will no longer be opening until FRIDAY....  I'm not a big Black Friday shopper.. I already explained it HERE.... and I think these whole idea of BLACK FRIDAY has been blown out of proportion. The media is glamorizing the chaos and now the huge companies are taking advantage of the situation and cashing in on the greed... and sadly, so many greedy shoppers that have lost sight of the true meaning of the holidays won't be the ones to stand up and make a point, boycotting the early sales that take away from the true meaning of being thankful.... It's sad to think what another 5-10 years will do to the holiday.

*Stepping Down*

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