Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Week Until the Marathon

By this time next week, I hope to be marathon runner..... Today, I basically completed my training.... we just have two teeny tiny runs left.... and after a week off from running due to pleurisy and touch of pneumonia followed by a sinus infection, these two runs 'post-sickness' wore me out and I'm starting to get nervous for the race.... On top of my illness, we had a huge temperature change in our part of the state this week and the race day forecast is looking to be chilly as well. That makes me nervous after being sick.... I went into this training with the mind-set that I don't care if I walk, crawl, run, skip, hop, gallop or slither across the finish line.... I just want to finish. Now after being sick, that is even more of a realistic goal.... I  just want to finish, and not do any permanent damage to my foot/ankle.

As I'm coming into the last week before the race, I've reflected a lot on the last six months.... First--- I'm not sure where the six months have gone. They flew by so quickly! I cannot believe training is over.... Overall, I've really enjoyed the process...I have had a GREAT group to run with. They are always there to push mentally and physically.... There were some days that I wasn't sure I would survive (OR--- TMI--- get to a bathroom fast enough! haha), but I pushed forward and I've made it. My feet are callused and my body is tired, but brain has been shown who is BOSS!  I've spent more money on shoes, the chiropractor and running gear than I ever thought I would.... and I'm about to spend more money on a hotel and race than I even dreamed of....  but I don't regret it one bit. Actually, in my mind, I've made it..... I have already accomplished more than I ever thought possible... I ran 20 miles as part of my training! 18 months ago, I could barely run TWO... and now I've done TWENTY! AND now......I'm about to complete a MARATHON at age 25..Not many people can say they've done that!!!  I want to scream it from the mountain tops... I want to tattoo it across my forehead and honestly....... I want to tell every person that I converse with for the rest of my life (friends and family beware :) haha) I feel so accomplished to even be this far.... I want to let everyone know what I've done......

I'm pretty sure I'm not meant to do another full marathon, but I'm glad that I'm doing this..... (Side note--- someone needs to organize a 20 mile race--- like a 3/4 marathon in my area... THAT would be a good idea! I would enjoy that!) If you have any extra time and extra prayers to throw out this week, please say a few for myself and the gals that I run with--- not only for a safe race, but for safe travels there and back. Thank you!

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