Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun Friday Finds....

 Here are some fun finds that have been patiently waiting (in my phone) to be shared....

Crazy 8
How retro and adorable is this?!

Patterned burlap?!? Ugh, Yes please!

These dandies were at JCPenney.... and there were a lot of them in stock....
The texture alone was straight out of the 1960s and they looked terrible!

This reminds me of a TV my grandparents had.

Big Lots
Really??? A Scrunchie? This reminded me of the episode of SATC when Carrie and Burger argue about him writing that a NY woman is parading around in a scrunchie in his book.

Babies R Us
A swimcap! How stinkin adorable!

Big Lots
Is this color not to die for!

Ummm cute!! Baby-sized elastic ankle sweat pants!

I'm really going to have to hunt out my purse like this... It wasn't quite so cute, but it was pretty similar... Can't believe this style is being relived already.... it wasn't good the first time around. :/

And Big Lots....

What kind of fun finds have you come across??? Please share if it's something that I cannot live without!

Until Next Time...

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