Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Finds Friday

 It's Friday yet again....where has the week gone?!?!  Here are some Fun Finds.....

They've done the work for you! It's cut to size, edges won't fray 
and it's just screaming, "Use me for your Pinterest projects!!!"

I loved this!

Do I need these?? No. But could I see a kid loving these. Yes!

Hello scarves! So, in case you don't know... I love scarves. I'm up to about 30, but it's an addiction. They dress an outfit up so easily! Wal-Mart is one of my favorite places to get them, so when I saw their new display, I was giddy! (I don't spend much on my scarves... they can get picked so easily!)

Shoe Carnival
Hello adorable! If money grew on trees at my house, my niece would be getting these ridiculously expensive (but absolutely adorable) shoes for Christmas....but I've yet to find the seeds to that magical tree, so I just took a picture instead :)

Any good finds that I should know about???
Until Next Time....

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