Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, so many scarves!

Scarves. Scarves. Scarves! I'm almost to the 30 mark (many not shown in this picture) and I love them!! I would say that I wear a scarf at least 3 days a week and I love switching up my style with a simple addition (that keeps my neck warm and tension headaches away during the fall/winter). So... when my collection started growing and growing, I wanted to find a way to organize them.... and guess what... I went to Pinterest..... BUT.... (and a HUGE but).... she let me down. (Yes, Pinterest is a girl. Only a female would be as brilliant as Pinterest, right?)

How did she let me down, you ask? This picture proves that they are all organized so neatly.....

but guess what...

when there is a shift in  power weight when removing a scarf.. this happens:

On top of this teeny tiny huge problem, I chose to use vintage hangers that were in our house when we bought it instead of tacky plastic ones, but the wood is just a bit rough and can try to snag my thinner scarves, so I have to be very careful.

For now, I can deal with these problems, but I'm looking for another solution...

I bypassed these options...

Because of the size and quantity of my collection and specific scarves, I found several ways of organizing not practical. I started with a shoe organizer but many were too thick and spilled out the top, making it look tacky and sloppy. Plus, I like being able to see the colors of the scarf when picking my outfit, and you just can't if it's tucked away in a pocket. The curtain rod wouldn't hold enough--- I would need two and three, and that takes a lot of wall space. And... the mess of rings looks like a hassle to get scarves in and out.... too time consuming for me :/  I'm a bit lazy..

Then, I found this:

Seems logical. I have space on the back of a door for this.... and as long as the metal is coated without any snag spots, I think it would keep them looking nice.... Anyone used this method?

How do YOU organize your scarves???
Until Next Time...

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