Tuesday, October 29, 2013

30 days until Black Friday?!?!?!

Seriously... where has the year gone?!?!? We are T-30 days from one of my favorite days of the year.... No, I'm not a big Black Friday shopper.... but I  guess you could say that I am a Black Friday eater and talker... Let me explain. For 35+ years the women in my family have gotten together on Black Friday to do some shopping...... but really to do a lot of visiting, sitting, and eating. We meet at around 9AM at our first store....shop for a couple of hours.... go to lunch for a couple of hours... shop for a while longer... go to dinner for a couple of hours... finish our shopping and then grab a late night snack somewhere.... We do get some shopping done, but we aren't crazy about the sales or anything... It's more of a girl's day. I love me a good deal, but I'm not waiting in line for it fighting all the crazies. (No offense if you're one of those crazies!)  I'm not one of these people:

 and I'm not going to cause a scene:

I actually think the Black Friday bologna is a little extreme and some shoppers should be ashamed of themselves. The holidays aren't about saving money at the cost of injuring or insulting others...  Some need to get their priorities in line....*Stepping down from my soap box.*

I just like to grab some good deals if there's any left when everyone else is heading home to sleep after their craziness when I'm just strolling in after a good night's rest. I love to grab some cheap movies (the husband is a movie buff!) and stuff for around the house, as well as some Christmas gifts for others. I do check the ads as they come out, but if it's all gone when I get there, so what.

I always go prepared with my money in order and lists made, but I'm usually well into my Christmas shopping by the time Black Friday rolls around that I'm not too stressed. OK, let's be honest... I start in August!

Happy BF Countdown!
Until Next Time....

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