Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer has come to an end....

Well, summer if officially over in my book.... Today I had orientation on campus for my student teaching which starts tomorrow. It was a long day with 3 hours spent in the car, a few hours in orientation and an hour in class.... I feel as if I know a little bit more about what to expect, but I'm still nervous about what this experience is going to be like! I have so many questions--- and they're mainly detailed ones--- like what to do about lunch tomorrow! haha

To wrap up the summer, some of the women in my family took just a little trip to Springfield, IL. It was about a 5 hour drive and the city was filled with buildings and museums about Abraham Lincoln. I know, it sounds like it would be boring, but it was very interesting. We spent over 4 hours in one museum alone! I highly recommend it for a short weekend trip!

I got to see a bunch of friends from college again today, which was great. So many of them got married, got pregnant, etc.... all the marriages made me realize that by this time next year--- I'll be married! I'll be applying for teaching positions as "Krista Truelove." That is so crazY!!!

Well, it's after 10 pm and I have to leave for school at about 7 am, so I better be getting to bed. Wish me luck!!


  1. Good Luck!!!!!! It is so weird for me to read your blog and see you all grown up...I remember when you born! God...I'm OLD!! :-) I also LOVE your other blog! It is so are one creative young woman!

  2. I hope you had a great will be exhausted tonight after working all day and then open house! It is super, super hard work, but soooo rewarding:) I wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve it!!


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