Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Weekend

This past weekend was a crazy one! My sister and I are really interested in yard sales recently because my nephew Karter is growing like a weed and needs new clothes often! Buying baby clothes can be so expensive, so we've embraced the idea of scanning the local newspapers for yard sale ads! This past week, we actually found more for the two of us than we did Karter, but it was still a GREAT day of sales! There was one yard sale we found actually after the time that the ad said it closed, but they were still welcoming shoppers. When we pulled up, we found a parking lot FULL of tables covered in clothes and miscellaneous home items. A woman walked up to us and said "all the clothes are 10 for a dollar." I guess we weren't really listening because a few minutes later, Kyla and I turned to each other and said "did she say ten for a DOLLAR!?!?" We went to a woman that was helping with the sale and clarified that that was in fact the price. We literally loaded our arms with about as much as we could carry after scavenging through the tables. We found a winter play coat with zip out lining for Karter this winter(originally marked $10), a few jackets, shirts, jeans and so on. When we went to pay, our total came to $3!! That's right---thirty items for $3 total...

The yard sale was being held in a store parking lot. After our good deals, we went into the store to do some shopping, but it didn't last long. When we came back outside just about 5-10 minutes later, the yard sale was OVER! The tables were empty and everything was loaded into trucks and cars..... looks like we got there and paid just in time! We've realized since that we never got a picture of all of the clothes we got---but I do know that they all FILLED two trash bags!

I think we hit probably close to ten yard sales that day in two different towns and got lots of clothes. She and I are both in desperate need of dress clothes---she got a new office job and I'll be student teaching in a few weeks---so that's what we tried to focus on buying.. And we got a lot of good stuff!

Sunday evening, we got my nephew's pool out and filled it for him.... he loves being in water---it makes him calm and he just hangs out in it! It's so funny!!

Here are a few pics of Karter from the weekend-

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