Thursday, August 13, 2009

French Lick

Yesterday, Cameron and I spent the afternoon in French Lick. I start back to my last semester of college in 2 weeks (which will make me BUSY with student teaching!!), Cameron's interviewing at a few places for a new job, and we're getting into the time for more wedding planning.With all of this going on, we assume we won't have much free time together in the next few months, so we took a day to ourselves.

Cameron's dad is from the French Lick area, so Cam had tons of places to show me---where his dad grew up, where his family had lived, Larry Bird's house, places that he played as a kid, and so on. We also went up and checked out the new water park (at the top of the world's steepest hill!!), the hotels, golf courses and a few other places. I had been there before several times, but it's still fun to spend the day driving around and "sight seeing."

I took several pictures throughout the day, but I didn't have my camera with me for my favorite part of the day. Cameron and I walked around the French Lick Hotel and finished our walk with ice cream. We got our treats and went to find rocking chairs on the porch. Because we were going to the casino at the end of the walk I didn't take my camera with me, which I regret. We just sat on the porch, rocking and talking before going to the casino so I could gamble a whole TWO dollars! haha

Besides gas, our trip was pretty cheap. Our lunch at Chicago's pizza was about $20 (with leftovers for Cam's lunch the next day), our ice cream was $7 plus $3 for a Root Beer Cam really liked and then I spent $2 at the casino. Not too bad for a great date with my future husband.

Here are just a few pics from the day.

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