Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Goals

First off, let me just say that the word 'resolution' is one of those words that I hate..... It sets us up for failure.... It just has a black cloud hanging over it.... Therefore, I don't make resolutions.... I make goals... plans.. .objectives... ambitions. (ooo...aaaah...)

This year.... I plan to:

1) Run another half marathon....maybe 2!
It's an addiction. I'm making plans to do a spring mini and maybe another in September.... I just loved the training and race day!  There WILL be more!

2) Continue to eat healthy and understand what my body needs/doesn't need.
I got a compliment from a friend that I hadn't seen in a while about how different my body looked and how much weight I look like I've lost..... I give credit to not only running, but to understanding how to better fuel my body. If you eat junk.... well, your body kinda ...well... looks like junk (sorry. It's true.) I enjoy learning about foods and want to continue to learn new recipes who am I kidding?!?! I just need to continue to learn to cook! haha.

3) Work on my worry...
I had been doing so much better until a recent turn of events in my personal life has started it back up again. I need to continue to strengthen my faith and trust.

4) Work on my clutter...
OMG. This is a big one and I know my husband would agree. I can let this house just get out of hand. I leave stuff laying around, make piles to mess with later, stack clean (and folded) clothes in laundry baskets instead of putting them away..... it could go on and on. I have to be more responsible about my household duties. I'm almost 25 years old!
5) Do better with my finances.
While I was sick, I watched a lot of TV.... and one of the shows was a horribly old Dr. Phil rerun..... It was about financial mistakes and one huge one that I make is "justifying a purchase because you think you deserve it." I do this all the time and I need to stop. Sometimes it's little, like a $1 sweet tea after a bad day, but sometimes it's more. We're trying to cut back and I'm the worse about little purchases than Cam is.

6) Finish more projects in our home.
We have so many things that need done--- blinds hung up, walls painted, small repairs to be done.... I just want to make a full list and start knocking them off one by one!

What are your goals for 2013??

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