Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I've spent many days in bed.... watched more TV than I think I have in years... taken more pills than I ever have.... and whined more than I (probably) should have.... But I'm finally feeling better. Whatever bug I got hit me hard.

I went to the doctor Saturday morning after coming down with a cough/sore throat and aches Friday night. I hadn't been running a fever at all so we assumed it was a bad sinus infection coming on. I got a shot and prescription and went about my day. I was supposed to have my girlfriends over after meeting for lunch......... well, I never even made it to lunch. I was so tired that I stayed home, but invited them to come over after that. When they got there, I started going down hill. Within an hour, I was in bed. Cameron was going to have some of the girls' guys over (did that make sense??) for a movie, but the whole gang ended up playing games together in our family room while I slept. I still just thought it was a sinus infection until the fever/chills started in the middle of the night....and then the aches got worse...and by worse, I mean... they got awful! I've had the flu several times in the past few years and whatever this was... was awful! I couldn't stop coughing to sleep, my back ached but I just had to lay down.... I was miserable for days! (I also get some bad side effects from the prescription I was on, so that didn't help my yucky feeling any.)  I assume it was the flu, but I didn't go back to the doctor to find out. I just continued to take my antibiotic and some ibuprofen, and treat it as if it was.  We missed out on our Colts game, NYE and visiting with family.

Luckily none of the people at our house got it, but my poor nephew did. We were together all day Friday :( We may have gotten it from the same place, who knows. I feel awful that is still sick and just hope his mommy and daddy don't get it.

Anyway... I'm finally out of bed today.... I still have an awful cough and some dizziness and fullness in my ears that I'm working on getting lined out, but I should be able to go back to work when school starts again Thursday.... 

I hope this bug doesn't find its way to your house!
Until Next Time....

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