Saturday, January 26, 2013

I love Hallmark

I was in Hallmark last week...killing time.
Found these adorable things...
(I used the camera on my phone without a flash, so they aren't good quality. I was trying not to draw attention to the 'crazy lady in aisle 9' taking pictures of merchandise... hello! shoplifter on our hands!)

Sent this to my girlfriends...

Would this not look AWESOME near a guest book!?!? Wish I would have had it : (

All the Disney stuff would have been perfect for our wedding. I love Disney princess movies!
(Belle is my favorite.)
Disney just does something to warm my heart.
The way they words things is just perfect.

Wouldn't the The Wizard of Oz stuff be perfect as housewarming gifts!?
 I'll have to remember that for the future...
(Cam and I have a love for TWoO. We were both in the musical our senior years. I guess we're partial.)

Just thought I'd share my adorable findings....

Oh, and here's a funny for ya. Picked this up on clearance on Cato and carried it around.
Tried it on and laughed out loud. 
This is why you try things on before you buy them!

Do I not look huge!??!
I thought a cute little leopard cover-up would be great for work...
ummm.... this is not attractive in ANY manner. This got put back on the rack immediately.

Have a good Saturday!
Until Next Time...


  1. ugh that is why i ALWAYS try things on before i buy them! haha sorry it didnt fit!

    xo Britta

  2. I always try stuff on too--- after several things hung in my closet for years because I didn't like them once I got them home because I didn't try them on.... I couldn't believe how HIDEOUS this cover-up thingy way. I'm a size 4 and looked much bigger in that thing!


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