Friday, February 1, 2013

What I wore....

 Hey! I'm home on another snow day.... so what better to do than blog, pin, put off house work, upload pictures and drink cocoa :)   Sounds like a perfect snow day for when you've got a sinus infection anyway!
Let me preface this post with:
I have never (EVER!) been one that felt like I knew anything about fashion... at all. I'm usually one to wear boring outfits and never 'step outside the box.'    But I have to share an outfit that I tried to recreate yesterday from one I had seen on Pinterest....of course I didn't pin it when I saw it, so it's Never-to-be-seen-again Land.

*****Unfortunately, due to a new format, previous pins will no longer appear*****
It was something like this:

or this:

But the original had a denim shirt with it....anyway.

I bought red pants for a crazy dress up day at work... and I decided it was time to rock them after seeing the adorable (original) pin. I don't have a cheetah scarf, but I have a black and gray leopardish one. Tied it together with a black shirt and denim over shirt. It's winter here and I am teaching Kindergarten, so I was not about to do cutesy sandals or heels, so I wore my black boots. I think the total outfit would be about $30-$40.

Red pants: $9 Wal-Mart this season
Black shirt: $6  TJMAXX this fall
Denim shirt: $3 (I think) at Wal-Mart about 10 years ago.
Scarf: Free at Carson's with a free $10 coupon to spend. Clearance price was actually $3 I think.
Boots: $15-$20ish at Sears last season.

Yes, I know it's a bad picture.
Yes, I know my mirror is dirty.
Yes, I know my bathroom counter is messy...
I snapped this after a very long day so that I could throw on sweats and eat dinner.

So.... did I pull it off or is this an outfit that should be retired??
Until Next Time...

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