Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fun Finds....

Last weekend, I was out and about in the 'big city' and found some fun stuff... thought I'd share...

awwww. I wish the heart was a prettier shape... Pretty cute!

Why did I not find this 3 years ago!!?!

Charger.... Would I be able to use this the way it's supposed to be used or would it just be dead all the time too??

Random, but doesn't every one need a karaoke machine?!?!

KFC has nugget thingies again... Not like what they had 20 years ago, but decent...

$3... Would this not be adorable painted black and filled with fake eggs in a kitchen?!?!

$1 desk organizer... matches my office, but I passed on it.
Trying to watch how much I buy "just because it was only a dollar!"

Super cute and retro feeling. Rock it with some red accents!

This just screams, "wear me with cowboy boots!" in my opinion.
Love it!

Horrible pic.. I know.
I was trying not to be "potential shoplifter in ladies wear."
Anyway.....Palazzo pants are coming back!
I'm pretty excited about this if I can find someone to teach me what to wear them with.
I think all shoes would just look weird with these pants...
What DO you wear with them?!?!

I loved this lamp. It just looks so simple and masculine.

Is this not the complete truth!

What fun stuff have you found??? Any good Target finds to share??!!?

Good finds at a store other than Target?

Until Next Time..

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