Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hidy Ho!

Hello all! It's 11:45 and I'm still in my sweats, hair in a bun, cup of milk beside me.... so that must mean one thing---- I'm off work... The twelve week maternity leave has come to an end... I said good-bye to my kinders yesterday with a little party. I brought in cookies, popcorn and kool-aid jammers (totally healthy, I know!) and they watched a little movie.... I only shed a few tears, but I'm going to miss them (and the school staff) so much!

The staff had flowers delivered to me:
Aren't they beautiful!!??!?! I love pink!   The staff really did a great job of making me feel welcome and appreciated. I was told many times that I did a great job and will be missed.... That made me feel good. : )  Transitioning from school to school, class to class is tough, so being acknowledged for a job well done is nice. The staff also made me a banner and hung it in the lounge for our pitch-in food day, too. It was sweet!

Let's see.... what else is going on??? Oh, that's right.... I'M GETTING A NIECE!   I love my little Karty Man so much....but he doesn't let me put bows and frills on him ;) well, not anymore... haha.... So, a girl is going to be so different!!  The tutus, the bows, the flowers, the lace, the frill, the poof! Let the crafting begin!!!! My momma and I have already planned a shopping trip to get started!!  Baby Girl should be here shortly after the Fourth of July!


Karter is growing up so quickly... He asked to talk to me on the phone the other night and almost an hour later, we were still going! :) He's amazing and super excited about being a big brother.... Since Cam and I still aren't in the financial situation for a family of our own right now, we have to enjoy the nephew and NIECE. Cam refers to Karter spending the night at our house as us "renting" him.

On Friday, the family met up at a chinese place for dinner before Cam and I headed to the IU game.

Saturday, Cam and I met up with some friends in Kentucky (wish we lived closer! It's a long drive down there....) and spent the day shopping---- and eating! We went to a chicken place, BBQ place and Orange Leaf for ice cream! Our bellies were stuffed! I got fitted for new running shoes (Mizunos), went to two malls, spent about 2 hours in Forever 21 (only bought 3 shirts to run in though-- that store is overwhelminng every time I go in!), had to stop at Best Buy of course, and did some daydreaming of the day when we can afford to decorate our home...

Fleet Feet is an AWESOME place!
Check it out!

Our family got together on Sunday for dinner. During my whole childhood, we met every Sunday evening at grandma and grandpa's house for dinner. We'd eat, visit, the kids would play and we'd say our goodbyes until next week. Our lives are so busy that we cannot do it every week anymore, but we are trying to get together at least once a month for now. It's tough that grandma isn't there, but she's the reason we are getting together :) Family is important. We are so excited to watch these babies grow up!

This week has been crazy busy with trying to wrap up the maternity leave, getting my car in the shop for an oil leak and trying to fit in time for fitness in my life! It's all about making the time. Last night, some girl friends and I Zumbaed! (that is totally the past tense of that word, right??!?) It was a rough reminder that we have to switch up what we were doing to keep all muscle groups engaged and confused. My buns and love handles are burning today! I may be able to run long distances, but an hour of Zumba kicked my booty! I loved it though. As a dancer through childhood, it was nice to get to "bust a move" again! I even stopped by the old dance studio next door for a 10 second visit with my old dance instructor :) Loved it!    Our friend is getting married on June 1 and are trying to look our best for the bridesmaid dresses... Bridesmaid BootCamp is in full swing! We meet several nights a week to TurboJam or walk and now we are mixing in some Zumba!

Speaking of bridesmaid dresses..... How amazing would this be to run in so that I don't get tan lines!!
Source: via Krista on Pinterest

How do you all keep from the massive racerback lines for the summer?? Ever spray tanned them away?!?! I'm going to need something. By the first week of June last year, I had the worst tan lines of my life. I have to figure something out so that I don't look like I'm wearing a white tank under my bridesmaid dress!

How have you spent your week?? Work? Family? Friends? Exercising??    Remember to do something good for yourself this week. Make the time. If there's time to Facebook, Tweet or Instagram, there's time to workout :)

I'm off to clean my house (I guess it's about time....)
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. A girl?? Aw!! Tell them I said congrats! There are SO many cute things for little girls out there! Have fun shopping!

  2. We are so excited! Of course she found out the day after we were with everyone for dinner!


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