Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a week!

Last week, I was watching our nephew on Friday night at my mom's house and then Saturday was going to be a girl's day with my family to take my grandma out for a good meal and family visit, so Cam made plans to meet up with one of his friends. They were up late (of course) and had to get up early, and when Cam called me Saturday morning, he sounded horrible! He still had an hour's drive home, so I was worried about him. I kept asking if I could go meet him and drive him home, but he insisted that he would be OK. When he finally got home, he went straight to bed. After my family outing, I came home to a feverish, chilling and sleepy husband. He stayed in bed for the remainder of the weekend, so I spent a lot of time surfing the internet for classroom ideas. With his flu, I knew I couldn't go see Grandma and take the chance of getting her sick, so I haven't seen her since Saturday! :(

Monday, he couldn't go to work and stayed in bed all day. By Tuesday, he had a horrible, dry cough! He decided this wasn't getting better with all the Theraflu, Nyquil, and fluids, and went to the doctor. While at work, I checked my phone to find a message saying that the doctor said he had the worst type of flu a person could get.... he called it "The Devil's Flu."  Cam got a shot and tons of medicines, a Tamaflu for me, and a note saying that he could return to work on Friday. He was also told, of course, that it's horribly contagious, but by that point, I had spent three days with him.... so what was another one or two, right?! haha      We did open all the windows that night and air the apartment out, and sanitized EVERYTHING.... but by that evening, I could tell that Cam was already feeling better.

Wednesday morning, I went out to leave for work (actually early somehow that morning) and my car wouldn't start----- dead battery! I should have suspected it because it had seemed sluggish for a day or two, but I thought maybe it was all the cold weather......... NOPE... dead battery. Luckily, Cam still had to stay home from work, so I grabbed his keys and was on my way....With all the commotion and my decision to stop for a drink to take to work with me, I was almost late for work, AND spilled Powerade down my new coat! Also,  I had decided to dress up that day so I was waddling around in heels, in the blowing snow!   That evening, I came home and slept for almost 3 hours. I was exhausted and didn't feel like messing with the car.

Thursday, I was going to take Cam's car again to work (and deal with mine that evening) but when I got ready to leave, his door wouldn't latch!!! We checked everything, and STILL don't know what the problem was. Cam decided that he was going to hold the door tightly and drive me to work. He got in and fiddled around the handle and lock, and got to stay------ by locking the door---- but THEN the door wouldn't open! He crawled back out and told me to crawl in and head to work.... so by now, I'm picturing myself crawling out of the passenger side at work with my purse, tutoring bag, and gym bag (to teach my fitness class). I also didn't have anything for a lunch that day and wasn't about to crawl out and back in on my lunch break, so I ran back in and grabbed a LOAF of bread and JAR of peanut butter.. Yup! No time to make a sandwich or just grab what I needed.... I took it all! When I got to work, I just tried the door out of habit and it worked! We don't know if ice was stuck somewhere or what,  but the door works fine now?!?   Thankfully it worked and I was able to get a more stable lunch that day.    During the day, Cam got the OK to return to work on Friday, so he started messing around with my car. He got a neighbor to jump it, and after I called a battery place who said they would replace it----- even in MY car where the battery is NOT visible from the top, but is located down, underneath car parts--- he headed down there. Luckily, he didn't turn the car off because the guys working told him that they could NOT replace it..... so off to Wal-Mart he went. They took Cam's phone number and said that they would call when it was done.... and that it should last about an hour.... 3 hours later, after zero phone calls and the inability to get a hold of anyone over there, we headed over. They had been paging us in the store (but never called) because they needed the special lug nut piece to take my tire off..... When I finally located it, it took another hour.... so at exactly 7 o'clock, we got the car back....we ran and grabbed some dinner and made it home in time for Idol!

Friday morning, I woke up with a cold and Cam was still feeling sluggish from his draining week! By Friday evening, he was sound asleep at 6 and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open all evening.....What a week!

Now, Cam is at work and I'm still fighting this cold..... looks like it's going to be a lazy Saturday....... and we even have to miss a little boy's 2nd birthday party :(

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