Monday, February 14, 2011

My Secrets

My Secrets:

-- I secretly keep tons of things "just in case." For example:
    * "I better keep that horrible palette of eye shadow just in case I buy an outfit that would match it, or maybe just for a spirit day!" When in reality, I wear the same two eye shadows when I even wear eye shadow at all.
    * "I better keep that horrible denim skirt and tacky pair of boots just in case I need to dress up like a cowgirl" when in reality, I've dressed up as a cowgirl one time in my life and don't see it in my future.

-- I secretly wish I lived in a big city just for a freedom of fashion. I wish I could be Carrie Bradshaw just for a few days :)

-- I secretly have a huge emotional connection to all things from my past and cannot let go of them, like toys, books, bedroom decor, gifts, etc.

-- I secretly cannot seem to keep my home desk and bedroom clean, but my classroom and desk at work were kept organized and clear.

-- I secretly hope that we get pregnant without officially being "ready" just to relieve that stress and pressure.

-- I secretly cannot pay full price for anything and I am a sucker for a good deal!

-- I secretly hate getting ready. Showering, drying and then straightening hair, followed by makeup and outfit choosing just takes so much time and seems overrated!  haha

-- I secretly worry constantly and am a pack rat because of it!

-- I secretly love the clearance section of every store! Ok, so maybe that's not a real secret...haha

-- I secretly think I was born in the wrong era....I belong in an era with more morals, traditions and respect.... like maybe the 50s?

-- I secretly wonder if I'm going to be a good teacher.......heck, I worry if I'm going to be a good mother, too!

-- I secretly hate touching other people's hair--- I HATE braiding hair for people........

-- I secretly am OCD about making permanent changes to things--- like using permanent marker on things or using a highlighter in a book..... I even keep original packaging and boxes for some things....

-- I secretly worried for months that I would be left at the alter after watching Sex and the City: The Movie...

-- I secretly re-plan our wedding in my head because so many things didn't go the way we wanted.....

-- I secretly am really good at stalking and researching online.... A bit of news online can be complete with details and comments about it in no time! I sometimes think I should be a detective!! haha

-- I secretly don't have the slightest bit of creativity or craftiness... but I pretend I do because I really wish that I did!

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  1. WOW lol we actually have a lot in common....I'm not going to list them all but let's say I do 11 of the things you listed! haha and have you heard of the GIS for whatever area you're in? It's a great way to find out your neighbors names and if you've bought a house the previous owners and what they paid for it :)


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