Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year.... New You

We are 18 days into the new year and I'm already thankful for positive changes....

Cameron had an appointment with the spine specialist two weeks ago, and it was the best doctor's appointment we've had in 5 years. The doctor came in, introduced himself, told what he found to be wrong with Cam and then went on to explain that he has been through the same thing. Never  in all of Cam's procedures and appointments has a doctor been able to say that, so we felt relieved immediately. Also, never has a doctor been so quick to detect, diagnosis and plan a remedy. Usually we hear, "Well, we're not quite sure what is causing it. We're going to give orders for blah blah blah." This was so quick and easy! We weren't in the doctor's office 10 minutes. He did diagnose Cam with a ruptured disk in his neck that may require surgery, but they're going to try another route of remedy first.

Also, we feel like we might be getting close with a lead on a house, but nothing is confirmed yet, and we're not sharing details until we know more.  Hopefully, I can share details VERY soon, but we are so excited!!

My grandma had sinus surgery the same day as Cam's appointment, and the drainage from surgery has been causing her some problems, including pneumonia, so she's been in the hospital for a couple of days, and we are hoping for a full recovery soon. She may have to go to a nursing home again temporarily, but it is worth it to get her healthy again! We want her back home!

Karter is becoming funnier and funnier. He is mimicking words left and right and saying new things in what seems like every hour. Most recently, he mimicked his mom saying "facebook!" haha He calls me "Ditta" and Cam is "Day." He loves playing with farm animals toys, cars, and trains---- or moos, git gits, bawk bawks, vroom vrooms, and choo choo twains. We're working on using the real names of things, but it comes and goes. He is so friendly and it seems like his personality draws even the most random strangers in to talk to him! And he loves it!!

I have also started the GetFit2011 Challenge and I'm really happy that I did! It is making me accountable for what I'm doing and not just saying "I'm going to start working out next week." I'm actually doing it, loving it, and excited about starting to teach it! :) I am even looking into getting certified, but nothing is official on that yet either.

I hope this blog finds you and your family healthy, happy and loved. Until next time....

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