Thursday, December 18, 2008

Semester Over..

So iI just finished my only real final for the semester and its starting to sink in that I am 9 classes away from graduating! My final was 75 cumilative questions and it took about 10 minutes to complete. For once this semester, I feel pretty confident about my grade on this test. If I did well on this test and kept my grade high for the class, I can hopefully keep my GPA near my 4.0 mark. That would be amazing and worth all the studying and have work I've put into my classes during my college career.

I'm excited becase Cameron is coming down to Evansville in a few hours... We're going to B-Dubs to celebrate the semester being over! Plus, its 50 cent boneless wing night!! whoo! Tomorrow, we're going Christmas shopping for each other, his parents, and our family name draws. I have some of my Christmas shopping done, but I still have some shopping yet to do, as always. I got an early start back before Thanksgiving and ran out of ideas, so the shopping came to a standstill...

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