Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Official

So I've known for a few weeks that it's a possibility to graduate one semester earlier than planned. After this week of the semester, I'll have 9 classes left to take. One of my classes for my reading minor has previously only been offered as a "fall only" class which meant I was going to have to take 5 classes this spring and then 4 in the fall before I would student teach in the Spring on 2010. With this schedule, I would be graduating in May 2010 and getting married just a short time later. But!!! I was told about a "petition" I could sign a few weeks ago to encourage the university to offer that class in the Spring 2009, and they are! So it's official--- I will graduating in ONE year, in December 2009!!! That means I have 6 classes this spring and 3 this summer. I've never taken summer classes before, but I'm willing to take the chance if it means that I can graduate a semester earlier. So I will be graduating in December of 2009 and getting married on June 12, 2010! That means I have six months to work, save money and apply for teaching positions!! I'm so excited! I couldn't wait to call Cameron as soon as I got out of the Education office last week! Once I move out of my apartment in July, I will be done living in Evansville and can move back home and be closer to Cameron. I'm very nervous to be moving one semester closer to graduating, getting my license and becoming a teacher, but its a journey that I'm ready to persue.

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