Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just call me Martha...

Hey everyone... I've been home since Thursday after getting my wisdom teeth removed. Yes... I'm still home. I was supposed to return back to work today, but my cheeks are still so swollen that I'm lucky to close my mouth (rubbing my lips together is almost impossible.) I had one very impacted tooth. If I remember correctly at the consultation (five months ago??) that one tooth was buried and growing sideways and outward under my back molars. That side of my face still looks like I'm a squirrel stocking up for winter.... It's very attractive. More to come about the whole process later.

Anyway... Since I've been home, I've watched a ton of movies, pinned a ka-trillion more things, and eaten more applesauce than I care to remember.... Oh, and torn down a wall, moved cabinets in my kitchen, designed a new bar in our kitchen, sewn a baby quilt, planned a party, repainted our bedroom, bought a new bedspread, revamped my makeup supply, cooked amazing meals, bought a whole new wardrobe, designed a million baby headbands, built a TV stand, coffee table and two side tables.....AND--- redesigned our backyard to include a fire pit, gazebo and garden..... Okay, Okay, Okay.... so maybe the first three things were the reality, but I really have done all the rest---- in my head, on paper and via Pinterest :)  

I'm bored out of my mind!!! Actually.....I don't know what is so different--- I love planning, designing and creating..... so, maybe it's just the fact that I can't eat what I want to?!?! hahahahaha. Well, that, and I can't go for a run or exercise just yet....I'm bored! I'm uncomfortable. I'm hungry for real food!!!   I'm trying not to complain because things could be so much worse, but it's so tempting because I don't hurt in any way really...... but I just can't do things like normal....

Here's one thing that I've accomplished....

I've decided that I want to repaint our bedroom... I know... we've only lived here (less than) two years.... but you learn things through time. I've learned: I really do not like our yellow bedroom. We have so much natural light that there are times one of us goes back to our bedroom because we think we left the ceiling light on... Plus, Cameron picked a very bright/tropical bedspread from many that I narrowed it down to 3 years ago, so when paired with the walls, I feel as though we live in Florida year round... We've enjoyed it for three years.... but I'd really like a change soon.... And--- we hate sleeping under this big comforter... It's usually in a big pile at the end of the bed...but for a while, Cam slept on top of it on his side... so now the bedspread needs dry cleaned and when I called, I was told that the starting price was $35.... I'd really just like to put that money into a newer one to match a new paint color...right? :)

Tell me if I'm crazy to put a color like one of these in our tiny bedroom (with tan carpet and all oak trim/furniture)...

I want to keep some of the green accents in the bedroom for Cam (he loves lime green) so I think #1&#3 show that they pair together well.... I think #4 might be too light for me. I like things a bit more bold.

I'm really loving all white/neutral bedding right now... well, I always have really... Target has some great all white sets with some pattern in them..... So... Give me feedback... What do you think??? Is the blue too much? Will I regret getting rid of my cheery Floridian room??

Until Next Time...


  1. Love the colors of 1 & 3!! I dont think you would regret it!!

  2. Thanks! Now I just have to get Cam on board!! haha I can picture his face now when I tell him I've picked a color and want to paint! haha


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