Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Photo Teasers!

Hey! We still have several weeks to wait for our formal wedding photos, but the photographers posted our "teasers" tonight! Check them out here. We are SO happy with just the few we have seen so far, and we are absolutely positive that we are going to be happy with the rest!!!

Married life is going great! We are doing the best we can to make this apartment a home, but it's a little difficult! haha  We are doing some casual house hunting, but nothing too serious yet! We are both still on the hunt for more serious, full time jobs, so we aren't too serious about getting tied down to a house quite yet. 

Oddly enough,  I am actually enjoying some "wifely duties"--------- I actually ENJOY cooking for my husband!! How weird is that?!?!?  I haven't cooked too much yet, but it's fun when I do--- and Cam's been pretty happy with my creative recipes so far! I made some new foods and he's really liked them! I made Dorito chicken, Bacon/Ranch pasta salad, and a hot ham, cheese, and bacon sandwich with garlic salt...... and he's actually eaten everything until it was gone!

We went on our first "date night" since the wedding--- we went to see Toy Story 3 in IMAX. We saw the trailer for the movie months and months ago and couldn't wait for it to come out! We finally made plans and headed down with one of Cam's good friends. It was a fun evening, and a great movie---- a little sad though :(

I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the slightly cooler temps this week!

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