Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twin Bed for Sale!

Hey All!  Anyone need a bed?!?! We have one to sell. A previous roommate of Cam's left it when he moved out, but left without paying some bills, so the guys are trying to get a little bit of money out of the bed. It had drawers on one side, and a large open space on the other (perfect for totes, tubs, boxes, shoes, etc.). We believe that the drawers could also be placed on the other side, depending on the space you have. There is a busted board that has a small splintered area, but if the drawers can be put under the other side of the bed, the busted board could be put into a corner. The bed is very sturdy, even with the busted area.

We are asking $50 and would prefer if it could be picked up at our apartment in Jasper. We were not present when the bed was put together, but we believe that the bolts just need to be removed for the pieces to come apart. It does need a new mattress.

This bed is perfect for a spare room or college apartment...... Spread the word--- we need to sell this ASAP as it is taking up space in our living room!!!

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