Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Decorations

The Christmas decorations may have gone up very early in my house, but our lives got nearly chaotic immediately following. My grandma became very weak and went into the nursing home for rehab/strength building, I started working an hour from home and Cam started working holiday hours. The nursing home was between me and the school where I'm working until mid-February, so I would stop every day, and then run the errands I needed to do like Christmas shopping.  On average, we were both away for our house for 60+ hours during the work week. I was lucky to get home, get some dinner, unwind and get to bed by 8 or 9pm. I didn't want to do much of anything else..... and sadly, blogging took a back seat.

Here are some of my Christmas decorations around the house...
Let me preface with--- I am not a photographer, nor a decorator...
Just a poor girl with a love of Christmas decorations!

Peacock colors with a burlap skirt

Wooden slab --from a tree Cam cut down with his dad last year
Candlesticks-- bought at a yard sale
Reindeer-- from Target's dollar spot a couple years back
Garland-- a piece from Dollar Tree cut into smaller pieces
Brown Candles-- Michael's clearance a while back

Wood Tree--- bought with Kohl's cash two years ago
Slab and garland-- same as above
Jingle Bells- Dollar Tree
Vase-- free with flowers one time

Letters--- after Christmas clearance at a local boutique a few years ago
Bells-- from my grandparents
Garland- Dollar Tree

Sleigh--- flea market

Stockings bought at Wal-Mart after Christmas last year
Graters--- from my Grandpa
Slabs and Garland-- same
Framed Christmas Cards-- extras from last year
Peppermint Candle-- Housewarming gift last year
White Frame-- Paid full price at Michael's in 2010 (I know, there's no pic in it here!)
Pitcher- yard sale
Red Ornaments--- After Christmas clearnace at Wal-Mart
Garland---After Christmas clearnace at Michael's
Window--- purchased from a friend

I cannot believe Christmas is over..... more posts to come--- soon! I promise!
Until Next Time..

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