Monday, June 1, 2009

Date Ideas?

With the wedding now just 12 months away, me still in school and soon to be student teaching, and Cameron in between jobs right now, we're both trying to watch our finances as closely as possible. Because of this, we've found that we've let our "dating" find its way to the back burner. Most of the time spent together is now consumed with an evening at his apartment or my parents' house. We usually have an easy/cheap dinner and spend the day watching TV or looking things up online.... well, needless to say, we're getting a little bored and we're looking to put a little "spark" back into the relationship. With summer here, we're trying to think of cheap and simple things we can do.....

There's always French Lick, wineries, parks, the Jasper River Walk, and so on... but I'm wanting some really unique but local places to spend an afternoon or evening... Anyone have some great ideas they want to share???

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