Monday, November 24, 2008

Gonna give this a try

So I've been watching everyone else keep blogs and share with others about how events in their lives are going... and I thought I'd give it a try, also. I'm new at this, but I'm going to try it.

Here's the latest on a few things that are happening in my life.

My sister's son, Baby Karter, just turned 1 month old over the weekend. He's growing like a weed and makes the cutest faces now. He's having some issues with sleep apnea and is going to have some more tests done to find out the exact cause for it. Other than that, he's doing great!! I love going home every weekend to see him and I could sit for hours just watching him-- even if he's sleeping. He's constantly changing his expression, grin, smirk, etc. Cam is really liking the idea of having a nephew!! He talks about what he wants to teach him. :)

Isn't he ADORABLE!?!??!

School is consuming my life and I'm trying so hard to get finished as soon as possible. I have 9 more classes before student teaching. It seems so crazy to me that my semester of student teaching is so close and it scares me. I hope I will do a good job being in a classroom full time and that I still have time to plan the wedding.

We've been engaged for over 6 months now, and we're finally making official plans for the wedding--not just dreams and hopes. We bought our first important artifact of the wedding--- the stamps. Cam offered to go to the post office and buy plenty of the "forever stamps." That way, if the price of postage goes up between now and then, we're still good to go. I know its a small part of a huge process, but I feel like we're officially in the planning process now. Cam and I have been trying to figure out everything we really do want and make plans towards getting it. Here's the most fun part---We finally picked a photographer!! Anyone who knows me knows that the photographer is the biggest part of the wedding planning to me. The one we picked is from Indianapolis and is exactly what we're looking for! I can't wait for everything to fall in place... for everything to come together.

I will post more as we go along on this journey......
to becoming The Trueloves

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